6 Pads of Therma Plast, Pain-reliever Plaster Muscle Relaxing, Get Warm

Brand: therma plast


  • Increase the elasticity of muscle tissues
  • Increase blood circulation, Relax muscles, Provide warmth , 10 Hours of Heat
  • Relieve muscle pain, Relieve pain from menstrual cramps
  • 6 pads, Size : 13 x 9.5 cm./ pad
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Publisher: Thailand

Details: "How to Use : 1.Tear the plastic envelope, take out the heat pad and peel the tape off. Then the heat pad will activate with exposure to oxygen. 2.Place the sticky side of the pad on your clothes of soft fabric closely over the painful area. 3.Wait around 10 min., then it will gradually heat up until a temperature between 50'-60'C lasting for 10 hours. You will feel warm and help your muscles relax. 4.Reduce of increase heat as desired by changing the thickness of cloth underneath the heat pad. 5.To maintain a constant heat, you should cover it with other clothing such as coats or other garment. Caution : 1.Pregnant women 2.Patients who cannot cooperate well 3.Patients with tumor of tuberculosis 4.Patients with circulatory dysfunction such as varicose vein 5.Patients with Thrombophlebitis 6.Do not apply this product directly to the skin. 7.Do not eat it. Warning : 1.Use under the advice of a doctor or physiotherapist. 2.Stop using when the pad over heat. (Over 70'C) 3.Product may cause burning if using continuously over a longer period of time. 4.Check the temperature of the skin regularly. 5.Watch for the leakage as the bag contains chemicals that may cause irritation to your skin. Storage : 1.Avoid exposure to sunlight and keep in a cool place. 2.Keep out of reach of children.Lot no. and expired date see on package"

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