Bee Allergy Bracelet, Kids Medical Wristband – Colorful Bee Sting Medical Alert Bracelets for Kids Ages 3+ Adjustable & Soft Bee Sting Allergy Bracelets (2 Pack “Bizzy”)



  • BEE ALLERGY: We believe in Safety First. AllerMates’ bee sting medical bracelet is a fun yet functional bee sting allergy alert accessory for kids. It alerts caretakers and friends of your child’s allergies to bees or wasps. This medical allergy bracelet set is a hypo-allergenic and waterproof strap. Measures 7” in length, the medical allergy bracelet has three adjustable snaps that fit most kids 3 and up.
  • SAFETY WITH A SMILE : Allermates’ medical alert wristband is useful when sending kids with bee sting allergy off to conquer the world at school, camp and anywhere life takes you. 100% latex-free, waterproof and nickel-free, the bee allergy bracelet meets and exceeds US and European safety standards on children’s product.
  • NO WORRIES, BE HAPPY: Let your kids play and run around all day without worries! This medic alert bracelet is made of durable, high-grade plastic material with an accessible lock to seal and secure around the wrist. So, it stays snug and fit all day long.
  • FUN AND COLORFUL: Featuring “Bizzzy” as AllerMate’s bee sting character, this kid-friendly insect allergy medical wristband was designed to be bright and colorful, while bringing awareness to other people about your child’s bee allergy condition.
  • MOM-FRIENDLY, KID APPROVED: Bee sting allergy bracelet keeps kids allergic to bees safe while providing awareness in an eye-catching way. AllerMates offer a wide selection of medical accessories for kids and parents. Alert the caretakers of their allergies in a simple way every day with AllerMates. Here to make life safer, easier, and more fun!

Details: Is your child allergic to bees or wasps? Sending kids with allergies off to school or camp can be a constant source of worry for parents, but have no fear,  AllerMates  BIZZZY Insect Sting allergy bracelets are here! Our insect allergy bracelets meet and exceed U.S. and European safety standards for children's products. Designed with three, adjustable snaps, AllerMates allergy bracelets will fit the wrist size of most kids ages 3+. Measures 7" in length. 100% latex free. Unlike other medical alert bracelets, AllerMates designs are bright and colorful, so kids love wearing them! Hi, I’m Iris, mom to 3 awesome kids and founder of AllerMates. When my son Ben was diagnosed with severe food allergies, I wanted to find a way to protect him and teach him about his health concerns in a way that was fun and non-intimidating. One day I drew up a few allergy-related characters and wrote funny stories and poems about each of them. I wanted to be able to use those characters to create various medical awareness accessories that were fun – something that kids would actually want to wear! My kids loved helping me come up with silly names for the characters. Next thing I knew, their friends were asking to see the characters we had created again and again until they too knew all of their names and stories by heart. This showed me that kids are eager to understand medical health issues when there is an engaging way to learn about them and also that kids too can have a sense of style!

Brand: Allermates

Color: Bee Sting