BioWaveGO Replacement Pain Relief Pads



  • Replacement pads for the BioWaveGo non-opioid pain relief device
  • Each pack contains 3 pairs of two 2" diameter round pain relief pads
  • Experience opioid-free pain relief

Details: BioWaveGO Pain Relief Pad placements are different from conventional electrical stimulation. The active electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each Pain Relief Pad. As a result, Pain Relief Pads need to be placed directly over specific locations of pain. TWO LOCATIONS OF PAIN - each pad can be placed directly over a painful area. ONE LOCATION OF PAIN - one pad is placed directly over a single location of pain; the second pad is placed over a bony area which is a comfortable location to receive stimulation. Pain Relief Pads must not touch each other when the unit is turned on. Pain Relief Pads are reusable but must be tacky to the touch. If not please, use a new set of Pain Relief Pads.

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