Maximize Your Remaining FSA Dollars in 2020

Dec 21st 2020

There are limits as to how much, if any, of your flexible spending account (FSA) balance that you can carry over to the next plan year. If your FSA’s plan year ends at the end of 2020, time is running out to spend your FSA dollars!

Fortunately, there are a number of timely options you can spend your FSA funds on that will have a lasting impact beyond this year. Here are three FSA-eligible items you’ll use this winter:

Beurer EM38 TENS Support Belt

The winter months are notorious for conjuring twinkly lights, hot cocoa -- and back pain. You may find yourself confined to the indoors and sitting more. And depending on your climate, you may also be shoveling or blowing snow! This support belt offers you targeted electro-stimulation for pain relief from the muscle aches that come with the season.

Mucinex Junior Cold and Flu Caplets

Winter weather also means that it’s cold and flu season. Relieve your child’s sore throat, stuffy nose, fever, headache, cough, and other symptoms fast with these junior Mucinex capsules, designed for ages six and up.

Revive Light Therapy Clinical Acne Treatment

In the era of COVID-19, many Americans are experiencing “maskne” (that’s mask + acne, in case you were wondering!), because prolonged periods of mask-wearing aren’t conducive to healthy, glowing skin. And even without masks, temperature changes cause acne flare-ups for many. This light therapy treatment can help you get your skin back on track this winter.

See a full list of eligible over-the-counter pain-relief products here.