See the Savings: 12 Eye Care Products You Can Buy with Your HSA/FSA

Feb 8th 2021

Even if your eyesight is 20/20 — but especially if it isn’t — you need regular optical checkups and plenty of products to protect your eyes and preserve your precious vision. Your health savings account or flexible savings account can help with that! You can use HSAs and FSAs to pay for any portion of an eye checkup not covered by insurance, as well as a wide array of prescription and over-the-counter vision products. (Unless you’re eligible for Medicare, note that you can’t use these accounts to pay for vision insurance premiums.)

With Health Shopper, you can find all these products from the comfort of your home—and shop with confidence that every product on the site is an eligible HSA/FSA purchase. Here are 12 ways to shop Health Shopper’s optical category:

Prescription glasses

Hundreds of frame styles are available from more than 40 popular eyewear brands. (And those options include plenty of prescription sunglasses!)


If you do need a prescription lens in your sunglasses, Health Shopper has you covered there, too. Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare with hundreds of options from 30 different retailers, including DKNY, bebe, Nike and Nautica.

Eyeglasses repair kit

If a screw falls out of your glasses or the nose piece breaks, this kit has everything you need to set things right—including a magnifier to help you see what you’re doing!

Eyeglass lens cleaners

These handy, premoistened cleaning wipes lift away dirt and smudges on your glasses—as well as on your smartphone, tablet or camera.

Reading glasses

If you’ve started to need a little assist with close-up work, Health Shopper features a huge variety of reading glasses—including these ultrathin, shatterproof ones that come with a handy carrying case that you can stick to the back of your smartphone.

Contact lenses

If you’re a contacts wearer, you can refill your prescription online. The Health Shopper website has dozens of options from favorite brands like ACUVUE, AIR OPTIX and BAUSCH + LOMB.

Contact solution

Multipurpose solution to clean, disinfect and store your lenses is a must for all contacts wearers.

Contact lens cases

You should replace your contact lens case often to keep things sterile, and Health Shopper features plenty of options—including this magnifying case that helps you easily spot any scratches or dirt before you put the contacts in.

Lubricating eye drops

If your eyes get tired or irritated by the end of the day, just a drop or two of these lubricating drops can provide long-lasting relief.

Antihistamine eye drops

If allergies are what’s making your eyes itch, these drops provide faster relief than an oral antihistamine. These drops relieve itching due to ragweed, pollen, dander and other allergens for up to 12 hours.

Magnifying glasses

Stop squinting at small print or tiny crafting items! With your HSA or FSA card, you can buy this lighted magnifying glass to see them clearly.

Heated eye masks

If you have dry eye disease or certain other eye conditions that benefit from heat treatment, here’s an easy way to get it. This compress just gets popped into the microwave for a few seconds and delivers up to 15 minutes of consistent, damp heat.