Chirp Plexus 3 Wheel+ Pack for Back Pain, Stretches and Strengthens Core Muscles, Relieves Strain to Muscles and Ligaments, Helps Prevent Herniated/Bulging Discs, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis.



  • RELIEVES STRAIN TO MUSCLES AND LIGAMENTS: The Plexus Chirp wheels stretch and massage the thoracic and lumbar region muscles improving strength, flexibility, and balance which has a powerful preventative effect that reduces the chance of injury and enables muscles to hold up better against strain.
  • STRENGTHENS MUSCLES AND IMPROVES POSTURE: The Plexus Chirp wheels strengthen the muscles around the spine which support the discs which helps relieve pressure on the spinal cord/nerve roots and may slightly reduce the bulge/continued leakage of the nucleus. The wheels correct the curvature of the spine which improves posture and helps restore a healthy S-curve resulting in reduced strain.
  • MAY HELP PREVENT AND RELIEVE PAIN FROM FUNCTIONAL DISORDERS: The Plexus Chirp wheels may help prevent functional disorders such as muscle tightness, scar tissue build-up, and muscle/joint spasms and may help prevent common conditions such as Herniated/bulging discs, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis.
  • BUILT STRONG: The Plexus Chirp wheels have an injection molded rigid core that supports up to 500lbs!
  • 100% HAPPY BODY GUARANTEE: If your body isn’t 100% satisfied with the product, send it back! No questions asked!

Details: The Plexus Chirp 3 Wheel+ Pack is the second edition of Plexus Wheels. It features ½” thick padding, a spinal canal, and is completely PVC free. The 3 different sizes of wheels apply different levels of pressure. The smaller the wheel, the more targeted the pressure, allowing the user to open up and target specific muscle knots. The Plexus Chirp wheels stretch and massage the thoracic and lumbar region muscles improving strength, flexibility. The Plexus Chirp wheels help provide balance and strengthen the muscles around the spine which supports the discs! Testimonials: "The Plexus Wheel is effective because it tractions the spine and takes pressure off the discs. It keeps, maintains, and helps correct the natural curvature of the spine. I highly recommend the Plexus Wheel to all my clients.” -Dr. Mike Vanchiere Spinal Rehab Chiropractor "The greatest gain I've had is in general mobility and feeling good in the morning. I roll out of bed every day and straight onto the wheel. It gets all the early morning kinks out.” -Kate C. Amazon Review “Perfect for my husband who is always hunched over a computer. We both never have the time to go to the chiropractor regularly, but the wheel is amazing at taking care of the aches and pains for us.” -Jenna W. Website 5-Star Review (5 stars) “I have struggled with pain in my neck and back on and off for the last 30 years. Recently I have been dealing with a bulged disc. When I found the Plexus Wheel I decided to give it a try. It is Great! I can gently put space between my vertebrae and loosen up tight muscles. Best back pain relief Iʼve had in years. Highly recommend it!” - Greg C..

Brand: Chirp

Color: Black

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