ConvaTec KALTOSTAT 2"x2" Calcium-Sodium Alginate Wound Dressing 10/BX 5cmx5cm Sterile 168210



  • Soft, white-to-off-white
  • Sterlie
  • Non-Woven calcium-sodium alginate fibers
  • Trauma free removal
  • 10 dressings in a box, EXPIRATION 03/2019

Details: Kaltostat is a Calcium alginate wound exudate absorber for moderately- to heavily-draining wounds May be appropriately used for Stages II and IV pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial and diabetic ulcers, donor sites, superficial burn wounds, surgical incisions, abrasions, lacerations and traumatic wounds. The alginate fibers absorb wound exudate or saline and convert to a firm gel/fiber mat. This gel forms a moist, warm environment at the wound interface.

Brand: Kaltostat