Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (BP Monitor) with Pulse Meter and Backlit Large Display, EBP-017



  • ✔ Easy@Home EBP-017 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor measures blood pressure along with pulse rate with the automatic easy-to-use one-bottom measuring technique. FDA Approved for OTC Use.
  • ✔ NOTE: To assure the accurate reading, elevate your wrist to keep the Blood Pressure monitor at the same level as your heart when take the measurement. 5 minutes rest is recommended before measuring.
  • ✔ Advanced 5 Level Blood Pressure Classification and Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia) Indicator alert; Large Backlit LCD display shows Systolic blood pressure, Diastolic blood pressure and Pulse Rate.
  • ✔ Holds up to 60 readings with detailed time stamps. Intelligently calculates the average of your last three readings and displays them in the memory.
  • ✔ Comfort Fit Cuff: Comfortable and stress less Cuff size (5.31-8.46 inch) with Over-pressure protection. Easy to carry compact and No-Wire design. Carry Case and 2XAAA Batteries are included.

Details: Overview: Designed with intuitive technology, your results will quickly display on the large, backlit LCD display which also gauges healthy and dangerous results. This model fits comfortably around one wrist and is simple to operate with your other hand. Additional features of the EBP-017 include: Dependable Detection: The EBP-017 detects hypertension along with irregular heartbeat. For hypertension, there are five levels within a column that an arrow will point at. The bottom three represent healthy readings and the top two represent unhealthy readings. For irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia, the monitor will show a multiple heart symbol. Quicker Measurements: By measuring your blood pressure and heart-rate while the cuff inflates, the EBP-017 will give you a faster reading while also giving you more comfort. Measuring while inflating allows the cuff to inflate to a comfortable tightness without bringing painful constriction to your arm. Reliable Records: With up to 60 stored readings, you can easily examine past readings to see your progress. Each reading also comes with a time stamp incorporated into it. Furthermore, the monitor will average the past three readings together to give a more holistic view of your health.