Freedom Guardian Medical Alert System by Medical GuardianTM, All-in-one Wearable Medic Alert Smartwatch, GPS Location Tracker (1 Month Free + All Features) (Black)



  • Two Way Communication - Clear, built-In speaker allows you to speak directly to our 24/7 Emergency + Non-Emergency Monitoring Center no matter your location. Works off AT&T nationwide cellular network. Please check the AT&T connection in your area before purchase.
  • 3-Day Weather Forecast - Stay up to date on the 3-day localized weather forecast via zip code directly through wearable
  • Reminders & Alerts - Keep track of your daily calendar with real-time alerts for medication, appointments and even important social events.
  • Text-to-Speech Messaging - Stay connected to friends and family through the text-to-speech messaging. The two-way speaker allows you to easily receive and verbally respond to messages from your Care Circle.
  • Advanced Location Tracking - Through GPS, Wi-Fi Positioning Systems and triangulation, help can be sent to your location within the U.S.

Details: The first of it's kind medical alert smartwatch, the Freedom Guardian is a sleek, comfortable, light weight, and easy to use wearable safety device. With built in national cellular connectivity, GPS tracking, and voice to text messaging system, living your life with protection and peace of mind has never looked so good.

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