Mira Fertility Tracking Monitor Kit, Includes 10 Ovulation Test Wands, Displays Actual LH Hormone Concentrations, FDA Certified



  • FDA CERTIFIED FERTILITY and OVULATION TRACKER. The Mira Fertility Testing system is the first to test, display, and track actual hormone concentrations. This data is automatically sent to the Mira Fertility Tracker App for iOS and Android via Bluetooth
  • 99 PERCENT ACCURACY in detecting the LH hormone surge which is a main indicator of ovulation. Knowing your specific fertility hormone concentration levels helps to increase your chance of conception. No more missed fertilization windows
  • EASE OF USE. Simply dip the Mira Test Wands in your urine and insert into the Mira Analyzer. Your LH hormone readings are analyzed and clear results sent to the Mira App. No more hard to read, inaccurate over the counter fertility and ovulation test strips
  • AI PERSONALIZED CYCLE PREDICTION. The Mira Fertility Tracker and App uses AI to learn your changing hormone patterns. This is put together in a highly personalized and accurate ovulation prediction, and provides fertility advice specific to you
  • FSA ELIGIBLE FERTILITY KIT INCLUDES the Mira Analyzer, 10 LH Test Wands, Deluxe Mira Carrying Pouch, Battery, Charging Cable, and User Manual; 1 year limited manufacturer warranty


Finally, an accurate digital test that not only provides specific Luteinizing Hormone (LH) concentrations, a main indicator of ovulation, but also an accurate and personalized breakdown of your fertile AND infertile days through the Mira Fertility Tracker App. Experience personalized fertility tracking through the Mira system, which uses a learning algorithm to track and combine your hormonal and menstrual patterns to provide an accurate ovulation prediction specific to you. 

At only 2.6 inches in width, the Mira Analyzer is splash proof, dust resistant, has a Rechargeable Battery Life of 20 hours, saves up to 200 test results and is optimized for home and on-the-go testing. The Mira Analyzer is covered by a one-year limited manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase that covers product defects only. 

Use the Mira Testing System for years to come! With an expandable design, it will be compatible with other at-home health testing wands in the future such as LH + Estrogen, hCG, and Progesterone. 

The Mira Analyzer syncs with the Mira Fertility Tracker App and is compatible with all iPhone devices (iPhone 5 iOS 10.6 and up) and all major Android devices (Android 5.0 or higher). Requires Bluetooth.  

Use the Mira App to help increase your chances of conception by accessing your daily "Fertility Score" that gives you your chances of conceiving on any given day based on your readings. Further improve the accuracy of your fertility and ovulation predictions by entering information such as periods, cervical mucus, sex, and BBT into the Daily Records feature. The Mira App's Advanced Calendar clearly displays your fertile window during each cycle and shows both fertile and infertile days. Say goodbye to missed conception opportunities and get on cycle with the Mira Fertility and Ovulation Tracker today!