North American Health + Wellness CPAP Strap Covers - CPAP Strap Cushions - Very Comfortable Soft & Secure CPAP Pads - CPAP Strap Pads for Irritated Cheek Skin, Black



  • CPAP COMFORT COVER: Made with soft, breathable material, the set of 2 CPAP mask pads prevent discomfort caused by CPAP straps.
  • DURABLE & SECURE CPAP COVER: The pad’s durable construction and hidden, easy-to-install attachments help secure the pads on your mask and headgear
  • EASY CARE: The CPAP strap cushion pad is machine washable. Maintain these CPAP strap covers in great condition.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Wrap the CPAP strap covers around the CPAP mask straps, then secure them with the hook & loop fasteners
  • COLOR CHOICES - Choose between blue or black CPAP strap cushions

Details: Keeps CPAP mask straps away from skin to prevent irritation and red marks * Set of 2 * Pads are made of soft breathable material * Prevents discomfort caused by CPAP Straps * Durable construction with hidden easy to secure attachment keeps the pads on your mask and headgear * Machine washable for easy care and cleaning * To use just wrap the pads around CPAP mask straps and secure the hook & loop fasteners * 90% Polyester 10% Nylon

Brand: Jobar International

Color: Black