PCP Offset Handle Foam Grip Adjustable Cane, Summer Garden Pattern



  • Comfortable offset foam grip handle evenly distributes body weight, reduces stress on user's hands and joints. Includes a wrist strap/lanyard so you can let go of your cane without it dropping to the floor.
  • Made with lightweight aluminum. Cane weighs less than one pound. Product weight: 12 oz. (0.75 pounds)
  • Handle height adjusts from 32 inches to 41 inches (81 - 104 cm). Quick and easy one button height adjustment with locking silencer ring. Locking ring prevents rattling.
  • Manufactured from sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing. 7/8 inch (2.2 cm) diameter shaft, 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) diameter leg extension with slip resistant rubber tip. 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Available Color Patterns: Canterbury, Summer Garden, Hunter's Camouflage, Celestial, Pink Camouflage, Green Camouflage, Cats, Blue Peacock, Flower Garden, Cheetah, Paisley, Butterfly, Compass Rose.

Details: PCP brand adjustable aluminum cane with offset handle, foam grip, and wrist strap. Handle height adjusts from 30" to 39" (76 - 99 cm). Helps provide support while walking, and reduces stress on the injured limb. It is usually held in the hand opposite the injured limb. The offset handle provides comfortable support; distributes body weight directly down the shaft. It provides a soft, comfortable grip, which may be easier for some individuals with limited use of their hands. This type of cane is for those who require only a minimum of support and stability. Available Colors: Canterbury (PCP model 213541), Summer Garden (PCP model 212540), Hunter's Camouflage (PCP model 213801), Celestial (PCP model 214047), Pink Camouflage (PCP model 214152), Green Camouflage (PCP model 214153), Cats (PCP model 214156), Blue Peacock (PCP model 214157), Flower Garden (PCP model 214160), Cheetah (PCP model 214164), Paisley (PCP model 5182), Butterfly (PCP model 5184), Compass Rose (PCP model 5183).

Brand: PCP

Color: Summer Garden Pattern