Phazyme Maximum-Strength Gas and Bloating Relief, 250 mg Simethicone, FAST GELS, 24 Count



  • Delivers 2x the anti-gas ingredient of Gas-X Extra Strength 125 mg tablets
  • Relieves discomfort of gas, pressure, and bloating
  • Easy-to-swallow FAST GELS
  • Goes to work in minutes
  • 250 mg of simethicone, the strongest dose available without a prescription

Details: Phazyme is the name you turn to when you need serious gas relief. Our Maximum Strength 250 mg dosage in a great tasting cherry flavor chew is the strongest dosage you can buy without a prescription. Since its beginning, Phazyme has been known as strong, serious, reliable medicine, providing the highest dosage of simethicone, the #1 anti-gas ingredient recommended by physicians and pharmacists. Phazyme Gas & Acid Chews contain the strongest anti-gas medication available to treat the bloating, pressure, and discomfort of gas. Whether it’s gas alone or gas and acid combined, Phazyme delivers serious relief you can count on.