Presto Ultimate Absorbency Stretchable Incontinence Briefs/Underwear for Women and Men - Adult Diapers, Disposable, Medium - 96 ct (6 Bags of 16)



  • Stretch Panels and LeakSecure: Adult Briefs with barriers for leak protection and stretch panels to provide a better fit whether sitting, standing or laying down.
  • OdorSecure and MoistureLock: Eliminates odors before they begin and absorbs moisture keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Refastenable: Incontinence briefs with secure full length tabs that make it easier to apply and re-apply
  • Breathable, Soft and Discreet: Soft, breathable materials that promote air circulation and prevent skin irritation for healthier skin.
  • Innovation. Quality. Care. Presto provides Innovative Adult Incontinence Products made with Quality and Care. We are driven by decades of experience and ambition, set on creating the best performing, most comfortable and sustainable incontinence products.

Details: Incontinence protection with a better fit! Presto Stretch briefs offer the greatest protection and absorbency while giving users an incredibly comfortable fit. Presto Ultimate Stretch Brief is unisex and has stretch panels to provide a better fit whether sitting, standing, or laying down. It has LeakSecure barriers that provide the most reliable leak protection. It also has OdorSecure technology that prevents odors before they have a chance to form. Presto Ultimate Stretch Brief features MoistureLock dual core to increase the core's ability to absorb and lock fluid away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Its top core also adds powerful absorbency in the target zone where you need it most. These adult incontinence briefs have breathable materials to promote air circulation for healthier skin. It has refastenable full length tabs that make it easier to apply and re-apply. Our stretch panels allow you to pull the brief up and down like underwear and replaced without the inconvenience of undressing. These stretch briefs have soft and discreet materials to prevent skin irritation. Directions for Use - Unfold the brief lengthwise and gently pull on the front and back ends to activate the inner leg cuffs. Position brief as shown with absorbent side facing the body and tabs in the back. Pull brief between thighs snugly into the crotch area. Fasten tabs to outer cloth-like layer in the front. If needing a tighter fit, tabs are designed to be overlapped. Reattaching tabs can be unfastened and fastened again for ideal fit. Removing / Disposing - Roll up product and dispose in a waste receptacle. Have confidence and comfort with our Presto Ultimate Stretch Brief!

Brand: Presto