TENS 7000 Conductive TENS Socks, 2 Pack - For Arthritis, Poor Circulation, Numbness and more - Compatible with Most TENS Machine Units - 2 TENS Socks, 4 TENS Unit Pads and Accessories



  • NEED FOOT PAIN RELIEF? This TENS 7000 Conductive Sock is a designed with woven conductive fibers to reach the entire foot and ankle for pain relief stimulation. Designed to be compatible with most TENS/EMS Units. Reusable and washable.
  • PAIN MANAGEMENT AND RELIEF at home! Ideal for treatment of Pain, Stiffness, Discomfort, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Post-op Swelling, Nerve and Joint Pain, Pain Management, Repetitive Strains and more.
  • COMPATIBLE with most TENS/EMS unit devices. Including: TENS 7000, Twin Stim, InTENSity at Home, Belifu, HealthmateForever, Nursal and more.
  • ONE SIZE fits most. Designed with stretchable material to fit most users and keep good contact with the skin. Contains four (4) 3” round ground electrodes [pig-tail], two (2) pig-tail to snap adapters and two(2) socks.
  • WHY A SOCK? TENS 7000 Conductive garments allow for treatment of the entire foot and ankle at the same time, which is not possible with adhesive electrodes alone.

Details: Product Description TENS 7000 Conductive Gloves - What Are they? TENS Conductive Garments are woven with silver to maximize both conductivity and comfort allowing the user to treat the entire hand and wrist at the same time, which is not possible with adhesive electrodes alone. The user sprays the conductive glove generously with the conductive spray* (or water* -- not soaked) then places the glove on one hand and place one 3" Round electrode somewhere on the forearm. Electrode placement will affect treatment area. Experimenting with the placement of the electrode may be necessary to achieve desired treatment. ALWAYS turn off TENS unit before moving an electrode. What's In The Box? • Two (2) TENS 7000 Conductive Gloves* • Four (4) Premium Quality 3” round electrode pads • Two (2) Pair of lead wires • Two (2) snap-to-pin adapters • 1 Bottle of conductive spray • User Guide Compatibility: TENS 7000 Conductive Garments are compatible with most TENS units, EMS*, and other electrotherapy stimulation devices. Approved for use with the TENS 7000, TENS 7000 To Go, TENS 3000 & InTENSity brand TENS Units, InTENSity 5000 Hybrid-OTC, Twin Stim - OTC, Twin Stim Plus - OTC & many more. *WARNINGS: - DO NOT treat both hands at once - DO NOT use Gloves Dry, shock may occur - DO NOT use with an EMS setting. TENS only. Manufacturer Contact Information 800-871-7858

Brand: TENS 7000

Color: Grey

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