TENS Unit Pads - Premium Quality Snap Replacement Electrodes for TENS and EMS Electrotherapy - Self Adhesive Reusable Patches up to 30 Times (20 Large Pads) (1.9"X 2")



  • HIGH QUALITY - Reusable self-adhesive Electrode Pads- Total 20 pieces - Large Palm Pads (2"X1.9")
  • LONG LASTING - With Proper Care, these premium grade electrode pads can be reused up to 30 Times
  • EASY TO APPLY- Pre-gelled, self-stick, superior cloth backing. No messy conductive gel is required.
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE- Highly conductive and offers excellent dispersion while contouring your body.
  • FUNCTION - Provide excellent arthritis pain relief and joint pain relief by targeting your sore or aching muscles. You can start enjoying daily treatments of electric massage from the comfort of your home. Stop living with pain NOW - Improve Your Health!

Details: Massage Therapy Concepts Electrode Pads are made with the best on the market high-quality adhesive gel for long lasting reusability. These TENS Unit Electrodes are professional grade and are very popular with health-care practitioners for in-office use with their electrotherapy devices as well as a PREFERRED CHOICE for personal at home Tens Unit use.

Universal Compatibility with Snap Electrode Connectors
The pads are widely compatible with various Tens and EMS units across the market using the snap type connectors with the diameter of the hole at .3CM.
Notice: Please check carefully the size prior to purchasing this item.

Safe and Effective
These electrode pads provide adequate charge delivery not just with efficacy but also with safety, preventing the incidence of burns, shock and other injuries. The right amount of charge delivery makes the therapy more effective and achieves the results in lesser time.

Whole Body Treatment

The pads are appropriate to use on almost any body part to deliver the desired therapy. You can apply them to your neck, shoulder, back, thighs, knees or legs and feel the soothing effect of therapy almost instantly.

Ultra Long Lasting when Compared to Other Brands These Ultra-Lasting Pre-Gelled Electrode Pads deliver same desired effects and will last up to 30 times if properly handled. The superior white cloth backing adds to the longevity of the product and helps keep them comfortable, durable and flexible for multiple uses.

Non-Allergic & Pre-Gelled

These latex-free self-adhesive, soft to the touch electrode pads have been laboratory tested and contain a Non-Irritating gel formula. They are safe on the skin preventing the incidence of allergy and skin reaction as compared to other pads. Perfect for sensitive and regular skin types.

10 Sets - 20 pieces Large Palm Pads ( 2"X1.9" in)

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