Blue Light Filter Game Glasses for kids Anti Harmful Blue Light Eyeglasses for Children (B0005 C2 blue light glasses kids)



  • ✅Blue light blocking- SIGHDEF gaming glasses (non-prescription) for daily use when kids using a computer, ipad or smart phone. Kirka gaming glasses can cut the most of the blue light. Reduce eyestrain and headache. Protect kid's eyesight.
  • ✅Gaming glasses for children - SIGHDEF gaming glasses generally fit boys and girls, but it depends on the size of the kids. For more accuracy, please refer to the frame size.
  • ✅ Durable and economic material: handmade acetate for frame; polycarbonate material for lens; this durable and health gaming glasses is available in a wide array of styles that your kids will appreciate.
  • ✅ Blue blocking glasses WITH EUROPE STANDARD- is the professional eye protection glasses brand in USA with the FDA certification and CE certification.
  • ✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE-In order to creating great shopping experience for our customers,SIGHDEF provide lifetime after sale service for all SIGHDEF reading glasses. Customers can return and get refund for any reasons. You have no risk to buy.

Details: Why our children need a blue block glasses? Because blue light waves are one of the shortest, strongest energy wavelengths in visible light spectrum, they can penetrate lens and directly reach retina. Our eyes do not have sufficient natural filters to protect against blue lights, especially young children. Prolonged exposure to blue light from digital screens or fluorescent / LED lights may cause eye strain, dry eyes, headache, difficulty sleeping, and even damage our retina photo chemically and increase the risk of macular degeneration over time.  Children are especially at risk when it comes to the dangerous effects of blue light exposure. Their eyes are still developing and they don't yet have the protective pigments in their eyes to help block some of this harmful blue light. Eye doctors reported 38% increase in effects from blue light exposure in kids and 54% of parents express worry about their kid's vision due to increased digital device use according to a study published in 2014. SIGHDEF kids computer glasses were designed specifically to protect developing eyes against harmful blue light and UV. Our blue blacking lenses offer high protection and high transmittance needed for young eyes.  ✅Block harmful blue light ✅Protect against UV radiation ✅Normalize sleeping patterns ✅Improve contrast and reduce glare ✅Provide better depth and color perception ✅Promote visual acuity  ✅Relieve digital eye strains, dry eyes, headache  ✅Reduce risk of macular degeneration over time


Color: B0005 C2 Blue Light Glasses Kids