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Products to help treat every waahh, owww & aaargh.

We never stop growing up. But there are moments that can slow us down. Our children venture out and come home with new knowledge and experience — and an endless variety of cold & flu viruses. We active adults work hard, play hard — and try hard to manage the unavoidable bumps & aches.

And sooner or later, our muscles, bones & joints tell us it's time to take things just a bit easier.

So the bad news is that while our bodies can take a lot, the working parts don't last forever. The good news is that the swelling, pain and soreness don't have to, either.

That's why Health Shopper has included the quality products you see here. They're picked and presented to lend comfort and relief during some of the painful moments of growing older. And they're all fully HSA and FSA eligible. Take a look at our blog post Did You Know: Your HSA, HRA or FSA Can Cover Back-to-School Expenses to learn more about how you can ease the household stress of going back to school by paying for things like vaccinations or school and sports physical exams with HSA/HRA/FSA dollars.

Physical therapists, sports trainers and wellness practitioners use these very same products — to treat twists, twinges and throbs in clinics and locker rooms. Now you can use them, too. At home. And with the convenience of using HSA and FSA dollars.


* These are just a few of the 1,000's of products offered in this category from thermometers to posture aids, to look for additional products please check out additional items available on Amazon.