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Daily doses of relief, comfort and prevention.

It seems we're always trying to stay a step ahead. Sometimes, even before we're born.

Science shows that it's important we provide babies in utero with key nutrients that we may not get in our everyday diets. Pregnant moms and their pre-born babies need more folic acid and iron than almost anyone else.

And many decades later, babies — that is, all of us — still need extra help in nourishing our bodies. That's especially true with cartilage, the rubbery tissue that pads our bones & joints. Our cartilage weakens and breaks down over the years, and can bring arthritis pain, stiffness and swelling.

To help you keep ahead of these key health needs, Health Shopper offers the quality products you'll see here. They're all HSA and FSA eligible. They can support pre-born baby's growth and development. And years down the road, they can replace glucosamine, the vital component of our healthy cartilage.

With the help of science, the benefits of these products are easy to understand. And with the convenience of using HSA and FSA dollars, the benefits are easy to secure. For yourself, for your baby, and for your family.

Featured Products

Nature’s Way Alive! Prenatal Gummy Multivitamin

This prenatal dietary supplement contains 14 vitamins and minerals, including the full B vitamin complex. In addition to being HSA/FSA eligible, this supplement is gluten free and contains no artificial flavoring. #ad

Osteo BiFlex Glucosamine Joint Shield Dietary Supplement

This supplement is designed to support and strengthen your joints – and consequently, your daily activities. Because you can use your HSA or FSA dollars to purchase it, it can also support your bank account! #ad

Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement

This cherry-flavored supplement can help you manage and relieve low blood sugar and may be purchased with your FSA or HSA funds. #ad

Olly Prenatal Gummy Multivitamin

This Olly supplement is a highly-rated multivitamin option for expecting mothers that is eligible for both Amazon Prime and for purchase with your HSA or FSA dollars. #ad

One A Day Women's Prenatal Gummies, 60 Count

This complete prenatal vitamin. from market leader One A Day, can be used before and during pregnancy and comes in an easy to digest gummy formula. This coupled with the delicious natural fruit flavors makes this a wonderful product for expectant mothers and of course it is FSA/HSA eligible. #ad

Ezy Dose Weekly AM/PM Pill Organizer & Planner (XL)

So you’ve used your HSA or FSA to stock up on health-supporting supplements. Now what? This push button pill organizer may be a valuable tool to keep you on track and organized so that you never miss a day and can keep your regimen at home or on-the-go. #ad

* These are just a few of the 1,000’s of products offered in this category from multivitamins to joint health, to look for additional products please check out additional items available on Amazon.