See clearly. Shop smartly.

Seeing clearly is one of the most important things there is, however for some of us it is one of the biggest challenges.

Some of these challenges you can’t control and some are driven by straining your eyes with nonstop screen usage, both inside the office and in our homes, or squinting in the bright sun while bringing the kids to the bus stop. Think about all the small and large stresses that spark from not being able to see appropriately or not being able to effectively take care of your eyewear.

We, and the helpful eye care and eyewear products you see here, are here to help.

Selected especially by Health Shopper, these products are effective, stylish and, with such a large selection, they will meet the needs of even the most cost-conscious shopper.


* When purchasing prescription glasses and sunglasses from Eyeconic you will need to substantiate your purchase with a receipt, please contact your HSA/FSA administrator with questions on how to submit a claim.

** VSP®, MetLife, and Cigna Vision insurance members can use their vision insurance to shop for glasses, contacts, and sunglasses on Eyeconic!