Over the Counter Medications

Over the Counter Medications

Over the Counter Medications (OTCs)

From painkillers to allergy relief, find the medications you need.

Headaches. Muscle soreness. Sprains. There are so many reasons that you may need pain relievers. And now, thanks to the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, you can now use HSA or FSA pre—tax dollars to purchase over—the—counter (OTC) medications like pain relievers and many other OTC medications . Think about all the everyday medications that can now be purchased with your pre—tax—dollars allergy medicine, pain relievers, heartburn medication, acid reflux relief and cold and flu remedies.

Now when you get heartburn from those potato chips or brownies you ate at the party or when spring pollen sneaks up on you, you can easily go to Health Shopper and find relief.

We at Health Shopper are here to help and we have stocked and specifically selected all the above items and more to help you with all the aliments that life throws at you.

Whether you're treating a cold or treating a cut with an antiseptic, these products are among your best options. And you can purchase them with your HSA and FSA dollars as they are all eligible! To learn more about other OTC products make sure to keep a close eye on our blog for more up to date information on newly eligible OTC medications.


* These are just a few of the 1,000’s of products offered in this category from pain relievers to cold medicine, to look for additional products please check out additional items available on Amazon.