Clear Ear OTO-TIP Refill Pack



  • Includes 5 adult & 5 child-sized tips for the Clear Ear OTO-Tip
  • Safe for the whole family (ages 3 and over), Clear Ear OTO-Tip reusable hypoallergenic silicone replacement tips are available in small and large sizes while providing an affordable, green alternative to cotton swabs
  • Our “plug and play” design allows product to start cleaning your ears in no time — No learning curve!
  • With regular use, we recommend changing your tip every 30 – 45 days

Details: Developed out of Stanford University's BioDesign program, Clear Ear OTO-Tip Soft Spiral Mixed Replacement Tips contain 5 adult & 5 child-sized tips for the Clear Ear device. We recommend replacing your spiral tip regularly. Clear Ear OTO-Tip’s patented spiral spin technology provides you with a way to do daily ear cleaning that is safe, effective and easy to use. (Replacement Tips ONLY)