Dr. Talbot's Disposable Adult 4-Layer Face Mask for Personal Health, 50 Count



  • Pack of 50
  • This mask is not FDA-approved, not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease
  • The CDC recommends use of cotton or cloth face coverings in public to reduce community spread by asymptomatic persons
  • Dispose after single use

Details: Dr. Talbot's Adult face mask will help you and your little one enjoy your time outdoors, sneeze-free. High pollen count means lots of sneezing and less fun while playing outdoors.Each mask is made of soft, breathable fabric. The built-in, bendable nose clip makes it easy to adjust the mask to fit your face. Our masks are made to fully cover your nose and mouth, providing more thorough protection. Soft ear loops make the mask comfortable for longer wear, keeping ears from hurting. Dr. Talbot's Face masks aren't only for outdoor use, either! The masks can be used indoors when doing chores to avoid sneezing and irritation caused by dust and dirt.

Brand: Dr. Talbot's