EARVANA Soothing Ear Rinse for Dry Ear Itch



  • For dry ear skin ITCH
  • Non-greasy, Non-oily
  • Clean, Natural Vitamin C Rinse
  • Use: After Showering, On Dry Winter Days, After Swimming, In Dry Climates
  • Great for Hearing Aid Wearers

Details: Earvana Ear Rinse is the first ever non-greasy, non-oily solution to annoying dry ear skin ITCH. Use Earvana whenever ears are dry and itchy. Unlike oily, greasy ear-itch remedies, Earvana won't leave oily, gloppy residue in your ears or on your clothes. Earvana's clean Vitamin C formula leaves ears feeling fresh and soothed. So try Earvana – for Heavenly Ears!

Brand: WAX-RX