Life Extension Prenatal Advantage | Choline + Folic Acid + Dha | Complete Prenatal Multivitamin 120 Softgels



  • Science-based Prenatal Women's Vitamin - supplement for women who are pregnant, nursing or trying
  • Delivers 100% of key daily vitamins - Delivers 100% daily value of vitamins A, B, C, D3, K & minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, potassium & more
  • 200mg of DHA - Contains 200 mg of vegetarian DHA Omega-3 plus lutein to support healthy Pre-Natal brain & eye development
  • 50% daily value of Choline - has 50% daily value of Choline to promote healthy brain & nervous system development
  • Promote healthy brain & nervous system - Contains bioactive forms - 5-MTHF folate, B12 methylcobalamin & more, Plus nutrients like DHA Omega-3, Choline, lutein and zeaxanthin for both mom and baby.
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Details: Women who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or nursing have unique nutritional needs. For you, Life Extension has developed our Prenatal nutrition formula: Prenatal advantage. This science-based supplement provides the latest recommended dosages of vitamins and minerals, plus nutrients like DHA Omega-3, choline, lutein and zeaxanthin for both mom and baby. What we know about women's nutritional needs changes every year. So, when choosing a Prenatal multi-nutrient formula, pick one that's formulated to deliver 100% of the daily value of the nutrients you and your baby need.

Brand: Life Extension