Puremedy Original Healing Ointment Salve - Homeopathic Wound Treatment for Minor Burns, Itching, Ulcers for Adults, Kids, Pets (2oz)



  • ORIGINAL HEALING SALVE FOR SKIN - Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with minor skin wounds, superficial burns, swelling, itching, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, impetigo, gangrene, blood poisoning, superbug skin infections or as a deodorant.
  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS - For our Puremedy first aid salve, we believe in using pronounceable, food grade ingredients you can trust.
  • RECOMMENDED, TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA - Increases blood circulation and oxygen as it helps you to recover faster without harmful ingredients or worrisome side effects.
  • 100% ORGANIC or WILD HARVESTED - 100% Superior Food Grade Ingredients, 100% cruelty free & vegan, All profits donated to Foundation for Indigenous Medicine. 160 year old Indigenous Medicine called a “Miracle Salve.” FDA registered and approved active ingredients - fully compliant with strict manufacturing guidelines
  • DIRECTIONS - Test for allergy by rubbing a small amount on skin before use. Apply topically, as needed, or as directed by your physician. Use only as directed.

Details: ABOUT PUREMEDY The core key ingredients of our salve formulas have been in our family for over 150 years. All of our products are ethically produced and made with 100% certified organic, food grade ingredients. POWERED BY THE BEST INGREDIENTS ON THE PLANET! ✓ Marigold* - Wound healing agent ✓ Echinacea* – Remedy for dry, itchy skin, bed sores, skin irritation from insect bites ✓ Elderberry* - Remedy for swelling, itchy skin, red spots with burning sensation ✓ Beeswax* - Acts as a protectant and moisturizer for dry skin ✓ Canadian Fir Balsam** - Anti-microbial with drawing action properties; lends to the ability of the salve to increase blood circulation and oxygen to the tissue. ✓ Olive Oil (extra virgin)* - Provides antioxidant protection and is a superior skin emollient ✓ Pine Extract** - Powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial actions *Certified Organic ** Wild Harvested

Brand: Puremedy