Rite Aid Ear Syringe, 3 oz | Bulb Syringe for Ear



  • LATEX FREE: Soft vinyl syringe is safe for those with latex allergies
  • GENTLE & EFFECTIVE: Gentle ear cleaning removes wax and debris
  • SAFE TO USE FOR ALL AGES: Pliable material is safe to use with children and adults
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Rite Aid - delivering the products you need to lead a healthier life since 1962

Details: Make ear cleaning, for yourself or your children, easier with this Rite Aid Ear Care Ear Syringe. This ear wax remover is made without latex, so it's safe for those with a latex allergy. Soft, pliable material makes this perfect for suctioning and irrigating. A smooth, tapered tip makes fluid administration/retrieval easy and reduces trauma to the ear. Use this syringe to gently remove ear wax and debris. Features & Benefits: Latex free Gentle wax removal Made in China

Brand: Rite Aid