Wellpatch Migraine Cooling Headache Pads 4/box


  • Convenient and portable, WellPatch Migraine Cooling Headache Pads can be used at home, at work, traveling, or anywhere.
  • Doctors recommend cooling therapy.
  • WellPatch Migraine Cooling Headache Pads are drug free and safe to use with medications.
  • Use WellPatch Migraine Cooling Headache Pads wherever you need it the most.
  • Apply as soon as you feel discomfort, allowing the cooling sensation to begin its soothing effect.

Details: Easy Solution to Keep Migraines Away

WellPatch Migraine Cooling Headache Pads help keep migraines at bay. Doctors often recommend a cooling therapy to cure migraines and these pads reinforce the theory. As soon as you start experiencing discomfort, allow the cooling sensation of the pads to provide relief against headaches. They're drug-free and can be used along with medications.

  • Cooling sensation provides relief from migraine headaches
  • Drug-free and can be used with medications
  • Convenient and portable

These cooling pads are handy and easy to carry. It can be conveniently carried wherever you go, be it at home, work or while traveling.

Just For You: Adults and children prone to migraines

A Closer Look: WellPatch Migraine Cooling Headache Pads are soft, comfortable and easy to apply. Formulated with castor seed oil, lavender oil, menthol and a host of other ingredients, these pads are effective in healing migraine headaches. Castor seed oil and menthol are known to provide relief from migraine headaches.