Zentrip Motion Sickness Relief Strips, 8Count



  • Zentrip is Pharmacist-Highly-Recommended brand for motion sickness
  • Motion sickness and nausea prevention and relief; Non drowsy meclizine 25 mg dose strip form; anytime anywhere relief without liquid acts fast, lasts up to 24 hours; non-drowsy
  • Take anywhere without water
  • Faster acting
  • Made in Japan

Details: Motion sickness and nausea relief and presentation in non-drowsy meclizine 25 mg dose. Strip form can be taken anytime, anywhere without water, simply dissolves on tongue. Can take before, during or after onset of discomfort. Individually wrapped strips easily kept on hand for auto, air, water or whatever! Easy to use, acts quick, lasts up to 24 hours. Made in Japan. Zentrip introduces a unique delivery system as a fast-absorbing, fast-acting and pleasant tasting citrus-flavored Medicated thin-film strip that is taken orally. Thin-film strip delivery administers the regulated dose of medication relief within seconds of being placed on the tongue. Thin-film strip delivery allows the medication to enter the blood stream quicker without advancing through the gastrointestinal system, which subjects the Drug to degradation from stomach acid, bile, digestive enzymes and other regulatory effects. Thin-film strip delivery has emerged as an advanced alternative to traditional tablets, capsules and liquids.