3 Expenses to Prepare You for Back-to-School Season

Posted by Health Shopper on Aug 20th 2021

The warm temperatures and long days of summer are winding down. That means you may be sending your kids back to school, either in-person or virtually. Youth sports, autumn’s return and even the COVID-19 pandemic can lead to a variety of needs for your kids. Fortunately, if you have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you can save money on a variety of these expenses. Below are three expenses to help you prepare to send your kids back to school.

First-aid kits

You could purchase bandages, gauze, cold packs and tweezers separately. Chances are your kids will need some or all of these items. A first-aid kit can provide these and many more items to make sure you and your family are covered for every bump, bruise, and cut they incur, whether they’re playing football or volleyball or just being a kid.

There are a variety of first-aid kits available on the market. This 179-piece contractor’s kit includes all of the items mentioned above and is OSHA approved. In contrast, a travel-friendly first-aid kit may meet your needs when you’re on the go. There are even first-aid kits available that are specifically tailored to coaches’ needs.

Allergy treatment

The changing colors of fall are highly anticipated for many, but the excitement over this autumn artistry is tempered for those who suffer from allergies. Fall is often directly linked to pesky and sometimes severe allergy symptoms, such as runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing.

The CARES Act permanently reinstated a number of allergy-related over-the-counter expenses as eligible for your HSA and FSA funds. If your soon-to-be students are allergy sufferers, consider spending your HSA or FSA funds on a variety of allergy-related products, such as liquid medicine and eye drops.


A return to the classroom can also mean exposure to increased germs. And that’s received even greater attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. Temperature checks are an important part of the diagnostic process when your child isn’t feeling well. If you don’t have a thermometer in your medicine cabinet, purchase one with your HSA and FSA funds.