Clear Computer Glasses - Blue Light Blockers - Zero Color Distortion - Block up to 32% Blue Light - Full Coverage - Fit Over Prescription - Fight Digital Eye Strain - Sleep Better - Women’s or Men’s



  • ✅ FIGHT DIGITAL EYE STRAIN - Protect against harmful blue light from electronics & screen time.
  • ✅BLOCK SLEEP DISRUPTING LIGHT - Block up to 32% of stimulating blue light and 15.4% of green light.
  • ✅ SUPPORT EYE & OVERALL HEALTH - Reduce headaches & eye strain, protect against sleep disrupting light
  • ✅ FIT OVER MOST PRESCRIPTION GLASSES - Clear computer glasses to be worn over prescription frames
  • ✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Find relief from digital eye strain or send them back for a full refund

Details: Protect your eyes against harmful blue light without a trip to the optometrist. These clear blue light blockers fit over your existing prescription frames, reducing digital eye strain without interfering with your daily life. You’ll get great front and side coverage, and zero color distortion with our clear lens computer glasses, enabling you to stay at your desk longer or unwind with your favorite device. Research shows that blue light wavelengths emitted from electronics can cause headaches, digital eye strain, and disruption of your natural sleep patterns. By reducing harmful blue light by 26.5% - 32% and green light by 15.4%, SafetyBlue™ customers are taking control of their eye health and counteracting the effects of living in a digital world. PLEASE NOTE: These are not driving glasses and are not prescription lenses.

Brand: SafetyBlue

Color: Clear